Tuesday’s Tip – Clearing your workspace

By | March 7, 2017

I think there are two breeds of crafters – highly organised and meticulously tidy crafters and then those of us who work in organised chaos! You can the tell which category I fall into!

However, I do love it when my workspace is clear of clutter and I can start a new project afresh.  I don’t have one of those workspaces that people drool over on Pinterest.  Though it’s large and I can accommodate 8 people for a class in my craft room, my storage is limited and my supplies expand exponentially with every new catalogue.

I’ve found a simple storage solution for some of our larger tools that I wanted to share.

Here is a picture of my cutting table (a former pool table) which carries my Big Shot, trimmer, scorer, and punch boards amongst other tools.

My sister bought me this for Christmas, though she had obviously intended for me to use it in my kitchen.

I, however, decided it was better suited to a role in my craft room.

It’s just the right size to hold quite a number of my tools and though I have a large table, it would perfectly well if you had a smaller table as it takes up so little room.

Hope you found today’s tip useful and that it has inspired you to think outside the box and look elsewhere for storage solutions, not just craft stores!

until next time, happy crafting


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