Christmas has just come early – fabulous joining promotion starts today – read on…

By | November 25, 2014


How would you like to get £55 worth of Stampin’ Up goodies for free?  Yes, for one week only, for just £74.25, you can get £130 of SU goodies delivered straight to your door at no extra cost. That’s right, there’s not even a delivery charge.

This offer starts today and only lasts for one week – until December 2nd.

But it doesn’t end there – we have a never-before offer in conjunction with this one.  You can stock up on all your favourites during the month of December.  Once you avail of this promotional offer, you receive a one-time 30% discount on a product order of £150 or more if placed within the first 45 days.  There is still a minimum discount of 20% should your order not reach £150 and likewise for any further order.  You will also receive a 5% cashback on all personal purchases and outside sales in December – this is IN ADDTION to the demonstrator discounts I just mentioned and you will receive as a well-needed boost in January.

So what can you put in your 25% off starter kit –  Any current catalogue product, any of our 15% off bundles, any item from the clearance rack or our weekly deals section (check out my online shop above to see these) and it all ships for free!

What about your next order?? Well, our brand new Spring/Summer catalogue is available to demonstrators from December 6th so as a new-found member of the Stampin’ Up community, you would be able to pre-0rder from it if you so wished.  And not only that, but…. you can earn Sale-a-bration rewards i.e. FREE PRODUCT on your purchases after December 6th.

Honestly, it just doesn’t get bigger or better than this!!

There is absolutely no risk to you. you have until the end of April 2015 to test-drive your kit.  if you reach £225 in sales/purchases by that time, you remain active, if you don’t, you just lose the right to buy with a demonstrator discount, that’s all.  There are no penalties, you don’t have to return anything.

There is no catch, you don’t have to sell to anyone else, you can be your own best customer.   Should you wish to, I will give you all the support and help you need, as will my team-mates and the rest of Stampin’ Up, but there is absolutely no pressure.

So how do you join? Simply click here to get started.

If you have any further questions, please get in touch for a no obligation chat by phone or by email.  Just remember this offer only lasts until December 2nd.  I would love to welcome you to Stampin’ Up, so if you are in the UK, France, Germany, Holland or Austria – do get in touch.

Happy Early Christmas!!




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