Excited for Stampin’ Up/Project Life

By | June 22, 2014


I so wanted to have a page to show you by now so I could showcase how quick and easy it is to preserve your memories with Stampin’ Up’s brand new range of Project Life memory keeping products.

However, even though my Project Life goodies are here, my photos are not 🙁

Project Life

I have been looking at various Project Life Facebook groups and on our own Stampin’ Up/Project Life groups and am just itching to get started.

The more I see, the more I can’t believe that I have not printed a photo out for, I don’t know how many years!! I LOVE looking at photo albums of my childhood, especially the ones that include a little bit more detail about the trip or the day in question. My children have none of this, yet they love flicking through photos on the Ipad or my phone.  Unfortunately though, a few favourites have disappeared along the way by little chubby fingers accidentally pressing the wrong buttons!  So, I (im)patiently await my delivery of (hundreds!!) of photos and later this week, I hope to have a couple of pages similar to this.


I think I will have two PL albums on the go at the same time, a now and then! I know PL is a very speedy memory keeping solution, but bear in mind, I pretty much have the last 6 years, if not more, to catch up on! Darn those digital cameras! It may take a while but we WILL have memories to look back on, by hook or by crook!

If you would like to get started on this revolutionary way of scrapbooking, our very first range is already available and the full range will be available from July 1st.  You can also join Stampin’ Up with a special £50 starter kit order which you can fill with £55 worth of Stampin’ Up products of your choice (including Project Life) and no delivery charge.  (This £50 kit is only available until June 30th).  A perfect opportunity to get started on documenting those memories at a discount!  If you’re local to me, a Project Life class full of ideas and inspiration is coming mid-July, stay tuned for details.

Until next time, happy crafting,

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